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April 27, 2024, 10:00 AM 
Riseup Wealth Summit is coming, and it's bigger and better than ever before! This year, we're bringing together the most successful entrepreneurs, investors, and thought leaders from around the world to discuss the most pressing issues facing our generation: wealth creation, entrepreneurship, and legacy. At the Summit, you'll have the chance to learn from the best in the business, as they share their secrets to success and inspire you to achieve your own financial goals. Whether you're an aspiring entrepreneur or a seasoned investor, this event is the perfect opportunity to network with like-minded individuals, connect with potential investors, and learn from the best.

Our lineup of speakers is second to none, featuring some of the most successful entrepreneurs and investors in the world. From venture capitalists to angel investors, from startup founders to CEOs of multinational corporations, our speakers have achieved incredible success in their fields and are eager to share their knowledge with you. At the Summit, you'll learn about the latest trends and strategies in wealth creation, including how to build and scale successful businesses, how to invest in startups and other high-growth opportunities, and how to create a legacy that will last for generations to come. In addition to the main stage presentations, the Summit will also feature breakout sessions, workshops, and networking events, giving you even more opportunities to connect with other attendees and learn from the best.

So don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to take your wealth creation, entrepreneurship, and legacy to the next level. Join us at the Riseup Wealth Summit and start building your future today!

Event Video
The Legacy Conference 2023 - "RiseUp" Video Highlight
Summit Speakers
We are extremely excited to showcase the lineup of impressive speakers.
Marc Coley
the marc coley business academy
Atlanta-based author, award-winning business coach, and keynote speaker, is a firm believer in discipline and accountability as keys to an entrepreneur's success. Marc's experiences have shaped his approach to coaching, emphasizing the importance of mindset shifts to accelerate business growth.
Marc has trained entrepreneurs internationally through his elite program, TMCBA: Morning Acceleration. This nationally recognized accountability program takes place Monday through Wednesday at 6 AM EST and is designed for ambitious entrepreneurs, coaches, military veterans turned entrepreneurs, and business owners. Morning Acceleration seamlessly blends spirituality, personal, and business development into a cohesive training environment. Marc's program has helped over 100 entrepreneurs achieve remarkable mindset shifts.
Breona Anderson
Ambassadors Credit Consultants
Breona Anderson - The Solutionary a wealth motivator and serial entrepreneur who overcame a life of poverty, drugs and other obstacles as a teen mom by adopting a business mindset. The Georgia native owns several businesses and has taught others the importance of financial literacy, investments and how to multiply their income portfolios by utilizing the power of credit. As featured in Fox News, Yahoo Finance, and Entrepreneur, known as “The Solutionary” by her ability and desire to never take no for an answer, Breona’s mission is to help women and men all over the world find a clear vision for their financial future and become the best version of themselves.
Dr. Jessica Clements
Club Millionaire UniversITY
From multiple car repossessions, divorce, health challenges, and times when she thought life was over, her FAITH became the fuel to the fire that kept her going. It is Dr. Jessica’s purpose to teach from her personal failures to bring all socio-economic communities into financial literacy. It is through her education coupled with personal experience that qualifies her in the one thing she believes God has purposed her to do. That is to teach and empower, making a lasting impact for generations to come.
Rashun Faust
The Navigation Firm
Rashun Faust, commonly known as Mr. CEO, is recognized as a Certified Coach, Financial Strategist, Educator and Author.   Rashun is the founder of The Navigation Firm, which is a Financial Service and Coaching firm that provides resources, tools, and solutions for financial wellness.  He has achieved many goals and accomplishments in life and is yet motivated to continue to excel. He has an MBA in Accounting and Finance from St. Thomas University.
Cherise Lenore Riley
the riley effect
Cherise Lenore, while tapping into her true gift and calling of helping individuals from all walks of life,   live their best life in order to A.C.E. it, which requires them to, “ADJUST their vision, CHANGE their mindset, in order to EVOLVE successfully so that Sustainable Generational Wealth can be achieved which consist of, Emotional, Mental, Financial and Spiritual Wealth.  
Genevieve Harris 
Genevieve Carvil-Harris is an author, philanthropist and community developer. Genevieve reached back into her community to create classes and training events to empower others to create generational wealth through her Built By Gen brand . Genevieve has been able to coach hundreds of entrepreneurs using capacity-building strategies to help guide her clients to their fortunes and increase their revenue to over $5 million. The company is proudly affiliated with Crowd Wallstreet Inc. Crowd Wallstreet was just named as the 3rd Black Owned Equity Crowdfunding Platform in the Nation.
Sheikera Coutain
Sheikera is an experienced business coach that enjoys showing women how to plant the seeds and water their garden so that their dreams can bloom in brilliant color and their lives can grow abundant with endless possibilities. She learned to nurture success from the ground up. Sheikera just loves children!! She stands firmly on the belief that children are our future and makes a conscious effort daily to reach her fullest potential. Her WHY is not for personal gain but it is to provide and send as many deserving children to college and watch them succeed before the Lord calls her to HIS paradise.
“Like many ambitious women, I struggled with perfectionism and fear of failure. My breakthrough moment came when I did meet failure head on. Through my failures, and my willingness to learn from them, success began to flow in my life — success that went beyond anything I’d thought possible.”
Interested in speaking at the RiseUp Wealth Summit?  Send us your speaker media package, photograph, and area of expertise to [email protected].
2024 Summit Honorees
Marc Coley
Desiree Hall
Community Pillar
Adrian Bell
Raymond Carvil Sr
Community Pillar
Joseph Madalon
The Legacy Award
Jarvis Brunson
Denzel Rodriguez
Generational ChainBreaker
George Rich
Community Pillar
Wayne Thompson
The Disturpter Award
Ashaala Shane
Change Maker
Alexis Evans
TrailBlazer Award

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